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Q. Do you carry CSX or Shelby Mustangs in stock?
A. Due to the exclusivity of the Shelby brand, we do not always have CSX models in stock that are ready to roll out of the door. However, Planet Cobra is always following the Shelby market and purchases Shelby Mustangs and CSX models that we make ready for re-sale to enthusiasts worldwide. Please call for current model availability

Q. What are included in Planet Cobras services?
A. We buy and sell new and vintage Cobras as well as classic Shelby Mustangs. We can also define the pedigree and authenticity of a Shelby vehicle that you have found.

Q. Why should I purchase my Shelby vehicle through Planet Cobra?
A. Planet Cobra offers you 33 years in buying, selling and authenticating Shelby Cobras and vintage Mustangs. We have helped enthusiasts worldwide, include celebrities like Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen find Shelby vehicles. Of course, at Planet Cobra we’re Shelby enthusiasts and have personally owned award winning Shelby vehicles.

Q. How can I verify a vehicle is an authentic Shelby if I can’t bring it to Planet Cobra?
A. Planet Cobra has traveled around the world to help clients authenticate a Shelby vehicle before it is bought or sold. If you cannot make it to Planet Cobra, Planet Cobra will come to you.

Q. Do you sell Shelby kit cars?
A. No. All Planet Cobra Shelbys are either new from the Las Vegas factory or are verified authentic Shelby vehicles with CSX or CSM documentation.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my new CSX once I place my order with Planet Cobra?
A. It takes approximately 12 months to have an aluminum body built and shipped to us from the Las Vegas factory and 3 months for a fiberglass. Please note this does not include engine build or aftermarket add-ons.

Q. Can I just order a Cobra body and not the engine from Planet Cobra.
A. No. Planet Cobra is a turn-key operation and delivers complete Shelby vehicles with body and engine intact upon delivery to the customer.

Q. Where do you have your CSX engines installed?
A. Planet Cobra has contracted with trained Shelby technician to install, tune and service engines for CSX Cobras.

Q. Does your engine installation come with a warranty?
A. Yes. All manufacturers’ parts warranties are honored at Planet Cobra.

Q. Do you specialize in finding specific Shelby Mustangs?
A. Yes. We specialize in ’65 to ’70 original Shelby Mustangs as well as ’71 Boss and ’73 convertible Mustangs.

Q. Will Planet Cobra ship my vehicle to me when it is ready for delivery?
A. Yes. We can arrange to have your car shipped to you via certified and insured shippers. We can also make arrangements to have you come in to pick the car up for delivery.

Q. How much would you charge to sell my CSX or Mustang for me?
A. All sales charges are negotiable. Please call us for more information

Q. Can you service my vintage Cobra or classic Shelby Mustang?
A. Yes. Planet Cobra has a team of qualified technicians who can work on authentic CSX and classic Mustang vehicles.