Atlanta – Dec. 14, 2011 – A new series of online videos by Planet Cobra have debuted at with facts, history and model-specific information about the continuation Shelby Cobra. Each exciting film features one of the three genuine Shelby models that can be built-to-order from Planet Cobra. Planet Cobra’s videos include exclusive, rare footage of the cars being piloted by Shelby American factory test driver Gary Patterson at the Las Vegas campus.

“The Shelby Cobra is the most iconic sports car of all time,” said Stephen Becker, president and CEO of Planet Cobra. “Our new series of online videos outlines a general history of the Shelbys, demonstrates their capabilities and provides facts to help collectors differentiate between the real deal and the many fakes. The videos educate and show enthusiasts how to find the Cobra of their dreams.”

Planet Cobra delivers Shelby Cobras that are a continuation of those built by Shelby American in the 1960’s. The current line-up includes the Cobra 427 (CSX4000/6000), 289 FIA (CSX7000) and street car (CSX8000) component vehicles. Cobras are available for order in either fiberglass or aluminum body.

Purchased from the Shelby factory in Las Vegas, each Cobra is entered into Shelby American’s registry and photographed during the construction. The vehicles are then shipped by Shelby American to Planet Cobra where customers can choose to have the company’s experts add a proper drive train before delivery anywhere around the globe.

“People often ask me why they should buy a genuine Shelby instead of a replica or fake,” said Gary Patterson, vice president of operations for Shelby American. “So I ask them if they gave their wife a cubic zirconium ring or prefer to wear a Rolex knock-off. There’s value and enjoyment in owning the real deal.”

Founded by Stephen Becker, one of the world’s foremost experts in Shelby cars, Planet Cobra is among the most elite dealers in the world. In addition to offering the genuine big block, street and FIA Cobra, Planet Cobra can deliver a continuation Shelby Daytona Coupe or Shelby edition GT40. The cars are available as component rollers or completed by one of Planet Cobra’s experts.

“Owning a real Shelby Cobra is one of the most exhilarating and satisfying experiences that a car enthusiast or collector will ever enjoy,” added Becker. “And we pride ourselves on making the process of buying a Cobra as much fun as it is to drive one.”

To get an exclusive look into these modern day classics, visit

About Planet Cobra

Planet Cobra is the most trusted resource for buying and selling genuine Shelbys today. In the business for over 30 years, experts at Planet Cobra have access to unlimited contacts, databases and insider information that can help enthusiasts buy or sell a Shelby Cobra or Mustang at the best possible price.

Led by Stephen Becker, a well-known and respected Shelby expert, Planet Cobra offers premium customers service, unmatched experience and authentic documentation for each vehicle sold. More information is available at


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